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Blood Pressure Transducer Set

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[Indications for Use]
This device is indicated for monitoring invasive blood pressure of patients in the operating room, ICU or regular ward. It is used clinically as pressure monitoring transmission tubing.
[Performance, Structure and Components]
This device consists of infusion set, pressure transducer, pressure monitoring connection tube, arterial extension tube and optional supporting components.
[Operation Procedure]
1) Turn on the monitor before connecting the pressure transducer tubings.
2) Open the package with aseptic technique. Verify that all the connections are secure and the 3-way stopcock and other accessories are all in good working condition.
Note: Do not overtighten the connectors.
3) After transducer set is filled with heparin saline solution and all bubbles are removed, all channels of venting stopcock should have vented cap.
4) Connect the pressure transducer to the monitor. Zero the monitor according to manufaccturer’s instructions.
Note: If failure to zero the monitor, exchange the transducer and re-zero; if zeroing is not successful, please check the cable connection and the monitor. Flush tubings with heparin saline solution and remove all air from tubings. There must be no bubble left in tubings.

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