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Sterile Urethral Catheter for Single Use

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[Performance, Structure and Components]: This device consists of PVC tube body and connector.
[Indications for Use]: This device is indicated for clinical temporary or indwelling drainage from the urethral of patients who lose the ability of automatic micturition.
[Instructions for Use]
1.Check package integrity before use. Do not use when package is damaged.
2.Use appropriate size.
3.Gently insert the catheter to prevent any mucosal damage. Do not insert the catheter too deep or too shallow. Especially avoid repeated twitching.
4.Aseptic operation is required when urethral catheter is used.
5.Slow drainage is required if the bladder is excessively distended and the patient is extremely weak. The volume of first drainage should be less than 1000ml in order to avoid bleeding or syncope caused by sudden decompression of bladder.
6.To measure the residual urine, patients should be asked to micturate before urethral drainage. Normal residual volume is 5-10ml. If the volume is more than 100ml, indwelling drainage is required.
7.The securement of the catheter on the thigh should be checked frequently during the indwelling drainage. The catheter should be replaced every 5 days. Allow the urethra to relax a few hours before next intubation. If necessary, the bladder should be irrigated with aseptic solution once a day to avoid urinary tract infections.
8.After use, the product and its package must be handled and discarded in accordance with medical facility safety and environmental protection procedures.
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